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Posted on 01/04/2014

I just out together this radio piece about a fantastic, local environmental project in Fyvie, Aberdeenshire.
I had a real challenge with the audio levels, but the interview was fantatsic. I had 45 minutes of great material. How do you get that into 3 minutes?
Well, here's how I tried.

Posted on 30/03/2014

Hi, Here is my latest news video on the new local TV channel for London.
24 Hour TV Channel
It's the Capital's first 24-hour Television Channel and it launches Monday March 31 with countdown starting at 1800.  London Live says it will be offering fresh and new content devoted exclusively to an estimated 9 million diverse viewers.
Viewing new channel
However, its the 18 - 34 age group it is targeting and it hopes they will pick up their remote controls, press 8 on Freeview, 117 on Sky or 159 on Virgin to view their new channel.
Big difference to Londoners
The new 24 hour TV channel promises it will be smart, fun and "inside London" making a big difference to Londoners lives.  It is backed by the Russian owner of the Evening Standard and The Independent, Evgeny Lebedev, who believes it will succeed even though previous attempts failed.
London Live won a licence last year when the Department for Culture, Media and Sport awarded 19 new local TV channels.
Long life
Some critics have no doubt that London Live will fit in with the TV landscape but there's lots of competition out there for people's attention. But there are some who believe that local TV broadcast through the television screen is not going to have a long life.
Check out clips of the new channel's shows in this ynuk.tv video
A separate feed is available

Posted on 30/03/2014

Hi, Catch one of my latest news items produced on March 26:
Sex Workers Parliament and Criminalisation
Sex workers from across the UK and rest of Europe crammed into a select committee room in the House of Commons to argue against plans to change prostitution laws that would criminalise clients.
Buying and selling sex
Recently an all-Party Parliamentary Group called for the British prostitute laws to be overhauled so that women selling sex are no longer criminalised but buying sex is against the law. In other words, buying sex would become illegal, but selling sex would no longer be a criminal offence.
A similar law is being planned in Europe along the lines of countries such as Norway and Sweden where clients are criminalised for buying sex.
Lives at risk
The English Collective of Prostitution (ECP) has criticised the proposals stating that criminalising clients would not stop prostitution nor will it stop the criminalisation of women. But it would make it more dangerous and stigmatising for sex workers and put lives at risk.
The parliamentary meeting was hosted by Labour MP John McDonnell and organised by the English Collective of Prostitutes and the People's Parliament
Opinion Poll
On the day of the meeting an opinion poll revealed that over half the UK public opposed criminalisation of prostitution.  Conducted by GfK for the Campaign for Radical Sociology, the poll also found that only three in ten nationwide were in favour.  In London it was only one in four
The full ynuk.tv story is here:
A clean feed is available

Posted on 22/03/2014

To read about my London 360 journey so far, including meeting Channel 4 News presenter and journalist Jon Snow just click this link: 
or this one if you want to read my past blogs as well:

Posted on 22/03/2014

I've been a producer for London 360 since the start of March; from now on I'll post my blogs here and on the Community Channel's London 360 latest news section. Hope you enjoy!

Posted on 10/03/2014

HI, catch my latest video - its a feature on illegal tattooing:
The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has urged the government to take action against 'scratchers' - illegal tattooing. It warns of a major threat to public health as demands for tattooing and body piercing have dramatically increased.
Skin infection and blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV can spread and be transmitted through unhygienic and unclean working conditions.
Local authorities are currently using existing licensing and registration powers as well as adopted bylaws to stem the worst practices, but increasing numbers of tattooists and piercers -scratchers- are operating outside of these controls.
Recently an illegal tattooist was jailed for 4 months after his botched work left a young woman's back permanently scarred. 
The Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union, TPIU, is also calling on immediate action to stop the illegal trade.   ynuk.tv has more on the story

Posted on 01/03/2014

Our All Our Stories project has been a real pleasure to work on and complete, we have met and talked to some absolutely fantastic people who have shared their memories of working in Crewe Works with us.

Posted on 28/02/2014

Hello. And Bye.

Posted on 20/02/2014

Protest Against Egypt's Crackdown on Journalists
19 February 2014
Journalists with sealed mouths were among a crowd who demonstrated outside the Egyptian Embassy in London, February 19.
They were calling for the freedom of Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste and 19 others. Greste is among 16 Egyptians and four foreigners due in court in Cairo February 20.
They're accused of terrorism and supporting Egypt's blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood. The protest, of about 50 people, was organised by the British National Union of Journalists.
If anyone would like a separate feed just let me know
Thank you

Posted on 12/02/2014

Check out my post on the recent floods which have devastated parts of the UK http://nickkrause11.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/as-flood-waters-rise-the-go...

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