About Local360 Network



Local360 Network is an exciting online project from Media Trust, giving people the unique opportunity to connect, share and learn to tell their local story. Local360 Network is a UK-wide community of citizen journalists, community reporters and local storytellers, which gives them the tools, skills and connections to get more from their local news.

As a member of Local360 Network you can:
  • access a library of free resources 
  • share information about your local news hub  and link up with others in your community of interest or locality
  • get free support from media professionals keen to help
  • hear inspiring stories from people across the country working on promoting local news 
  • distribute your stories directly to newsdesks across the country
We don’t think that there’s a right way or a wrong way to approach citizen journalism. What we hope to do is show you lots of different ways to improve your content, extend the reach of your local news, and let you learn from other people’s experiences, helping you to find what works best for you.