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Get involved – Become a Local360 Network Beacon

Local360 Network
Local360 Network is the UK wide network of people telling their local story. Join us to share ideas and access training, resources and tools to tell your local story where you are, or across the nation.

Local360 Network Beacons
Local360 Network Beacons across the UK are spearheading this initiative by empowering communities to tell their own stories. Beacons are examples of good practice and show a welcoming face to would-be contributors in their own communities. They share our aspiration to increase awareness and participation in grassroots media to ensure communities have a voice.

Become a Local360 Network Beacon
Your group could apply to become a Local360 Network Beacon by following our simple application process:
1. Make sure you read our selection criteria
2. Complete the application form (MS Word Document)
3. Email your completed application form to

Our commitment to you as a Beacon
When we appoint a Beacon we make a commitment to help you grow and develop.
• We will provide free in-house training
• We will help you with purchasing equipment up to the value of £250
• We will provide telephone and online support
• Your group will have access to our media matching service, and to mentors that could help your organisation.
• We will promote your group as a key member of the network and give you an opportunity to share your news stories with mainstream media.
• If your organisation specialises in video, you can contribute content to UK360, the Community Channel’s flagship magazine show for communities to share what’s important to them.

We want to help your organisation take advantage of new digital technologies and realise your ambitions.

Your commitment to our community
As a Local360 Network Beacon you will play a key role in the project, contributing to our online discussion, sharing your stories with the network and helping us improve our service to you.
Sign up to the Local360 Network community and contribute to the online discussion.
• Encourage your contributors to sign up to the network and help build your profile on the site.
• Publish at least one story on the network each week.
• Give us feedback on how we can improve the network and your experience of the service.

Join Local360 Network and become part of a unique network, helping each other improve the way they tell their local story.