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Posted on 06/11/2015

Car parking is as impoartant as the repairing. because If you not park your car properly, your car color will wash away gradually.so we need to keep them in the appropriate place to make the resale value high. Apart from that car repairing is must needed in the best reparing center in your city. find the good quality certified mechanic always otherwise that can further lead to a major iisue. #best german car repair shop in Thousand Oaks

Posted on 23/10/2015

ARE YOU A PACEMAKER? FREE RUNNING CLUB NEEDS NEW MEMBERS! England Athletics run Athlefit and Run England fitness schemes which are free to take part in through out the country. All age ranges from youth upwards and abilities are catered for. Leicester hosts an initiative which is ongoing but under threat through lack of participants and this is despite the fact there are no fees or costs to the service user! Could you give it a go one day?! Run England runs the New Parks Beginners Runners group on Tuesday's 10:00 - 11:00 am from the New Parks leisure Centre as well as Athlefit on Fridays 10:00 to 10:45 am inside the premises. All abilities are catered for - just wear sensible clothing and footwear, a bottle of water and an optional towel for Fridays indoor session. Email: athlefit@englandathletics.org for more details. http://www.athlefit.org/

Posted on 14/10/2015

Harvesting hidden hyperlocals
With a net loss of more than 180 local newspapers in the UK since 2005, gaps in local newspaper coverage have been identified in regions such as London, the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside. But is it the case that for every local newspaper closure, a local news vacuum automatically emerges? Or does equating local newspapers with local news misunderstand how we consume local news in an increasingly digital world? Are there, in fact, alternative, but equally independent and reputable, sources of local news in our communities? And if so, how do we find them?
The recent report by the Centre for Community Journalism and Nesta gives an excellent overview of the UK hyperlocal sector.  It describes the content produced, business models used, and the community impact hyperlocals can have. Ultimately, however, the report makes it clear that it is difficult to speak about the sector in general terms. The hyperlocal news landscape in the UK and Ireland is patchy, with higher concentrations of online news sites in some areas – for example Birmingham but very few known sites in others such as Northern Ireland. There is also no representative body for the sector, which is wide ranging in terms of the language used, the desire to monetise activities, and extent of the direct involvement of members of the community served. But with the launch of revamped hyperlocal directory Local Web List, the Trust and Talk About Local have sought to help tackle a common problem cited by large numbers of hyperlocals across the sector – visibility.
The Trust commissioned Talk About Local to develop Local Web List from its predecessor Openly Local and to update the number of sites listed to over 500 across the UK and Ireland.  In hosting details of hyperlocals in one directory, we hope to increase the visibility of the sites to citizens, mainstream media outlets and fellow practitioners. The directory can be searched by jurisdiction, local authority area, and key word to make it easier for hyperlocal news groups to link up with each other for advice and support, for citizens to identify hyperlocal news sites delivering good quality news in their community, and for mainstream media outlets to reach out to hyperlocals on their local knowledge and content. In short, it aims to support the considerable potential of hyperlocal news in contributing to local media plurality.
It’s true that hyperlocals, for the most part, are largely led by volunteers and that the majority of sites are self-funded. But don’t underestimate the scale and scope of the activities of many in the sector, the involvement of trained journalists, or the desire to do more.  Our new case studies of the activities of five innovative hyperlocal news providers in the UK demonstrate rich content, impressive traffic numbers, and high levels of community engagement.
To generate traffic of up to 3,000 visitors a day in a town with a population of 5,000, as in the case of My Turriff, or to initiate and support community campaigns, as The Charlton Champion does, on a voluntary basis demonstrates dedication to providing a local news service with a strong community function. To work in partnership with the local BBC radio station and local newspaper to organise and live stream a debate between General Election candidates, as The Lincolnite did earlier this year, and to innovate by using WhatsApp to reach audiences with breaking news stories, as OnTheWight has, demonstrates a drive to inform local residents. And to commit to investigative reporting, as The Bristol Cable has done, demonstrates exactly the kind of work, holding those with powerful interests to account, that is the hallmark of good quality journalism.
So with this revamped hyperlocal map, we also hope to provide a compass to reputable, independent local news organisations. The BBC has already begun using the database to identify hyperlocal partners as they roll out their Local Live external ‘linking’ initiative, with hyperlocals in Coventry and Warwickshire the latest local news groups to benefit from potential partnership opportunities.
So while these sources of local news may not be available in the local newsagents, the recent BBC consultation on how it can work with hyperlocal providers more and the 69% of UK internet users  who have visited websites or downloaded apps for news about or events in their local community, demonstrate the power and potential of the sector. By developing Local Web List and highlighting case studies of innovative hyperlocals in the UK, we hope to add to the evidence base which shows that the sector provides all the functions of local news in the digital age – dispersed, disrupted and grassroots driven.

Posted on 26/08/2015

Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium is located in Aylestone to the far south of Leicester City Centre on the B5366 Saffron Lane, opposite Hugh Enden Drive.  It is home to various organisations including the Leicester Coritanians Athletics Club.  There are various age groups representing the side.  From under 11’s boys and girls teams at Junior level upwards, with Men’s and Women’s Senior and Master Squads the latter the Leicester Coritanian AC Midlands Vets (Masters) League is for any individual aged 35 or over.  If you are interested in just maintaining your general all round fitness or want to take up athletics more seriously feel free to come along to the ground.  There’s something for everyone. 
The Stadium is open 4pm till 9 on weekdays, while at weekends it is usable form 9:30am till 1pm.  There are a range of athletic events open to compete in throughout the year.  For casual users the charge is £4.60 for Adults and £3.00 for Juniors while prices for club users are It costs £3.80 for Adults whilst and £3.00 for Juniors at the time of publishing this article.  Discounts may also be available if you are eligible through Leicester City Council’s One Card concessionary scheme.
Besides the Coritian’s The venue is also home to the Saffron Athletics club which meets Saturday 10:30am till 12:30pm and Wednesday 6:30pm till 7:30.  Is host to the Leicestershire Quadkids Atheletics League, Electic which is an independent training group that offers from club to international level, the Saturday Kids Club for children aged 6 to 12 from 10 to 11:30am.  Saffron Lane is also a venue which also has rooms for hire for meetings, functions, training and parties!
To get there travelling from the City Centre’s public transport is available using the 47, 47A, 86, 88 and 88A Buses at Rutland Street.  If you are taking a journey in bound you can catch the 48 and 48A from South Wigston adjacent Lansdowne Grove.  Alternatively, there is the 83 and 83A Service which replaces the old Inner Circle Route to a certain extent that passes through Knighton Lane East at the bottom southerly end of Saffron Lane. 
If you are heading to the facility via car head on to the B5366 which is Saffron Lane, which is sandwiched between the neighbouring Saffron Road to the south and Aylestone Road to the north.  Saffron Lane Athletic’s Track is situated in South Leicester next to Shakespeare Street.


Posted on 01/07/2015

Car accidents can be terrifying experiences. Often, some of the people involved are injured, sometimes several and the vehicles that crashed are fully damaged. I felt very sad for the incident, hey Keith don’t worry you will recover soon and will drive as you drive before.

Posted on 24/06/2015

Air ambulance is a new and good concept for everybody. This system provide service in night and in this service variety type of cars and vehicles available for people. They provide the service everyday and better facility than other services. So i think it will helpful for everybody.

Mercedes Service Culver City

Posted on 09/05/2015

I'm going to be doing some fundraising events to raise money to build a nursery in Ghana and provide water pumps for more villages in Ghana.. My story is that I went to Ghana last year and automatically fell in love with the people there
, they made me feel so welcome and loved. I volunteered at a free school over there which was a building with no windows or doors no bigger than most people's living rooms, children from the age of 1 year old up to the age of 17 were placed in here, so you can only imagine what kind of education they are recieving and as most people believe the children are our future so I would like to change this by firstly splitting the ages up to give all the children the best start in life and an improvement on they education.. Secondly I met children as young as 3 walking 6/7 miles maybe even more just to collect clean drinking water. By the time they had walked miles they had hardly no water left in they buckets. So any little helps. 

Posted on 20/08/2014

neighbourly.com is a new social network which is on the hunt for charitable projects that would like to get help from businesses.
The website is a free tool for charities and community groups to use to promote activity and ask for help in the form of funds or volunteer time.
The site had its official launch in July and currently has over £100,000 pledged funds and 6,800 volunteer days on offer from companies including M&S and Starbucks.
The site is designed for social sharing so that groups can promote ther project page across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and gather local followers. Visit www.neigbourly.com to sign up and create a free project page

Posted on 28/07/2014

I’m a front-end developer based in Bristol currently working for 42droids. I have a passion for simple and beautiful interface design, but also love logic and structure when it comes to coding. I’m a mathematician with a law degree. It’s worth knowing that I am in a long lasting relationship with both caffeine and my Mac! I’m a wannabe traveller with the passion to learn everything and be in perpetual motion. When I’m not coding or making pretty designs, I’m out and about with my mountain bike exploring the local terrain that Great Britain has to offer.

Posted on 24/06/2014

We've got a great local event this weekend here in the North East.
The Glasgow Commonwealth Games are fast approaching and we are scheduled to have the Queen's Baton pass through our area, with 2 Fyvie teenagers being given the honour of carrying the baton as it pases through the nearby town of Turriff.
Terriffic celebrations and an event that is really causing a stir around the village.
See the link for the full story.

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