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Posted on 01/07/2015

Car accidents can be terrifying experiences. Often, some of the people involved are injured, sometimes several and the vehicles that crashed are fully damaged. I felt very sad for the incident, hey Keith don’t worry you will recover soon and will drive as you drive before.

Posted on 24/06/2015

Air ambulance is a new and good concept for everybody. This system provide service in night and in this service variety type of cars and vehicles available for people. They provide the service everyday and better facility than other services. So i think it will helpful for everybody.

Mercedes Service Culver City

Posted on 09/05/2015

I'm going to be doing some fundraising events to raise money to build a nursery in Ghana and provide water pumps for more villages in Ghana.. My story is that I went to Ghana last year and automatically fell in love with the people there
, they made me feel so welcome and loved. I volunteered at a free school over there which was a building with no windows or doors no bigger than most people's living rooms, children from the age of 1 year old up to the age of 17 were placed in here, so you can only imagine what kind of education they are recieving and as most people believe the children are our future so I would like to change this by firstly splitting the ages up to give all the children the best start in life and an improvement on they education.. Secondly I met children as young as 3 walking 6/7 miles maybe even more just to collect clean drinking water. By the time they had walked miles they had hardly no water left in they buckets. So any little helps. 

Posted on 20/08/2014

neighbourly.com is a new social network which is on the hunt for charitable projects that would like to get help from businesses.
The website is a free tool for charities and community groups to use to promote activity and ask for help in the form of funds or volunteer time.
The site had its official launch in July and currently has over £100,000 pledged funds and 6,800 volunteer days on offer from companies including M&S and Starbucks.
The site is designed for social sharing so that groups can promote ther project page across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and gather local followers. Visit www.neigbourly.com to sign up and create a free project page

Posted on 28/07/2014

I’m a front-end developer based in Bristol currently working for 42droids. I have a passion for simple and beautiful interface design, but also love logic and structure when it comes to coding. I’m a mathematician with a law degree. It’s worth knowing that I am in a long lasting relationship with both caffeine and my Mac! I’m a wannabe traveller with the passion to learn everything and be in perpetual motion. When I’m not coding or making pretty designs, I’m out and about with my mountain bike exploring the local terrain that Great Britain has to offer.

Posted on 24/06/2014

We've got a great local event this weekend here in the North East.
The Glasgow Commonwealth Games are fast approaching and we are scheduled to have the Queen's Baton pass through our area, with 2 Fyvie teenagers being given the honour of carrying the baton as it pases through the nearby town of Turriff.
Terriffic celebrations and an event that is really causing a stir around the village.
See the link for the full story.

Posted on 09/06/2014

Fantastic role model for all.

Posted on 05/06/2014

Also, the radio package I did on the man who owns a local environmental graveyard took a twist this week too because the owner passed away. 
The final piece -- http://bit.ly/1kyUcdd -- was three minutes long, but I have a 45 minute interview with a man who will never have the chance to speak again. 
I am going to package the interview on a disc so the family can keep it.
Never underestimate the power of what we are doing here in our respective communities. We have the power to capture precious little moments of history that can make the world of difference to those around us.

Posted on 05/06/2014

This is a typical FB newsbite from the Fyvie Herald. As part of Fireworkx Scotland Ltd's license to carry out the firework display mentioned below, they were told by the local council to inform local media outlets at least one week in advance.
This is a company from Inverurie, 20 miles away from my news community in Fyvie, but they know about the Herald.
Given time, community journalism projects can blossom into pillars of local communities, and that is tremendously exciting.
My target audience revel in posts like this because anymore than three or four pars of text and they stop reading.
The post reads as follows:
FYVIE CASTLE will be lit up a week on Saturday by a brief professional firework display.

Fireworx Scotland Ltd, of Inverurie, will be firing a short 10 minute show between 23.40 and 23.55 in the castle grounds on Saturday, 14 June.

Permission for the display has been granted by Aberdeenshire Council and local residents are advised to keep pets indoors for the duration of the event.

Posted on 27/05/2014

The Migrant Resource Centre - My Journey

London migrants tell their stories through radio
With European elections just around the corner, everyone seems to be talking about immigrants, again... but what about the voices of immigrants themselves?

My Journey is very proud to present four spellbinding audio-stories by migrants living in London. In their own words, these storytellers open a window into the diverse, human experiences of those who come to live in the UK:

- Hasani remembers the moment he decided to take on the UKBA alone
- Jade tells of finding herself in immigration detention after surviving a militia attack
- H.Q explains the hidden meanings behind the traditions of Iranian new year
- N.N.Dee stops to listen on a London bus

The pieces were produced during workshops led by broadcast journalist Dimple Patel as part of My Journey, a multimedia migrant storytelling project run by Migrants Resource Centre and funded by The City Bridge Trust. My Journey aims to counter negative perceptions of migrants in the media by enabling migrants to tell their personal stories through photography, film, radio and comic strips.
Go to:
and click on ‘radio’ to hear the audio-stories, or explore the site to discover eight fascinating photo stories, action shots of My Journey workshops or find out more.

Make sure you also click ‘follow’ to get upcoming stories straight to your inbox – comic strips coming soon!

Special thanks to our photography trainer Bill Clibery for the beautiful website.
Thank you for joining us on our journey.

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